Bit of a naive post, but my skin is getting pretty and recently. I’m thankful that I don’t have bad acne, but my skin is getting considerably more and more oily, although perhaps I have no one other than myself to. lame for eating so many fried foods like chips over the holidays, and the horrible sleeping patterns (day before last I slept at almost 6am!). Not only that, but mosquitoes seem to love my blood, so I’m constantly getting bites all over my arms, legs and face that just won’t stop itching. I’ve gotten a pretty bad bite just below my left eyebrow and above my eye, and while the actual bite is small, it’s made my eyelid swell up a bit so my eyelid crease is a bit funny at the moment. And then, of course, there’s the couple of other small bites over my face which are a blaring red and stand out horribly. Which sucks, because although I sound so so so materialistic and self conscious right now (which I am, but that’s probably a long post for later when I’m feeling blue) I have a birthday party/BBQ on Monday, which I do want to look good for. Although then again, what’s so bad about wanting to look your best? I guess. But anyway! It’s 1:40am and here I am complaining about my sleeping habits while blogging about it. Not to mention I have work tomorrow, which means more oil on my face from sweating and running around, without having the time to wipe it off! Hurray. I need to find a new job. But then again, we just got staff discounts…. hm.

Happy Australia Day to anyone who’s in Australia like me, by the way! 🙂 May your inner bogans unleash themselves for a fun (?) day of drinking, and putting a shrimp on the ‘barbie’, etcetera!