So I’m writing this on the train to tutoring (today we start learning probability, how fun) because it’s a forty minute trip and I really don’t want to sit on this train which currently doesn’t have any seats available, or air con to get my mind off the incredible heat. I am literally roasting alive standing up and sweating my butt off.
So anyway, today was the first day back at school! And honestly my biggest peeve of today was the fact that I didn’t use any of my books at all, even though I had to suffer lugging them around. Because of tutor today, I also have three hours between the time school finishes and when tutor starts, so I decided to go return my overdue library books at a library near school, so basically I had way too many things to carry today and I barely used any of them.  Shall we list them out for fun?
– two folders for all my books (because one wasn’t enough to fit them all! Preposterous!)
– 4 exercise books for school subject (only wrote in one today for Italian)
– 2 exercise books for tutor
– a textbook and an accompanying cd box to return to the library
– a textbook gotten from school today
Man I am so glad I didn’t have maths today, because then that would mean an extra two (thick) textbooks to carry around. Instead, I only had to carry all of the above! Yay! Also glad I didn’t bring my laptop, because then that’s an extra 1.5 kilos or so. 
But moving onto the content (if you can even call it that) we ‘covered’ at school today, for every single lesson we basically just sat down and talked about the syllabus outcomes for each subject and what we would be doing throughout this year and the next. Which, while useful, gets boring very quickly if you have to sit through four hours of it.
Thankfully once school got let out, I could go to the city and just kind of bum around and relax. But right before that, I had a good old laugh to myself about being a senior at the bus stop…
Which might sound weird, but hear me out. At our school, seniors are treated with such high respect it’s not even funny. We get so many senior privileges and can get away with so many things. I’m probably going to make a more elaborate post on this next week, when we officially get our senior privileges, but for now, to try and make it easier for anyone to imagine, our school has a stop for school buses and then a public bus stop for well… the public. Students are generally not allowed to go to the public bus stop, as we have ‘excellent’ school buses for students. The only reason why you’re supposed to catch public buses is if you’re going city, or basically if you have a good enough reason (urgent doctors appointment, work, etc). So prefects often check the public bus stops for any students who might be catching it without a ‘valid’ reason and send them back to the school bus lines.  And well, it might seem like a trivial thing, but I probably felt way too happy when I was completely skipped over when waiting at public and all the wee lil juniors were being checked.  Although then again, I knew the prefect… but I guess I looked responsible enough on my own to not be doing such a thing? Hehe. Although it probably sounds crazy, not to mention lame, to anyone (everyone) else, it’s a big deal for me okay!
Oh yeah, after school today I went into David Jones to finally buy a brow pencil I’ve been meaning to buy since last year, but didn’t ever get around to it considering the only David Jones that’s somewhat close to me has a Shu Uemera stand. I tried looking at some other suburbs, but unless I’m blind I don’t think I saw any.  But yeah! I’m super excited to start using it – it’s the Shu Uemera Hard Formula brow pencil, and it’s pretty damn cool. It has a slanted end, which means that you have to get a special sharpener (or a scalpel, I know my sister gets her boyfriend to sharpen hers) or you can go back to David Jones for a free sharpening! Pretty handy. And although that does sound kind of inconvenient, it’s not really because you only have to sharpen it once every few months because of the way it’s shaped.  And it lasts ages – my sisters had hers for about a year and she’s only sharpened it around three times, and there’s still heaps of product left.  So I’m so excited to try it! It is kind of pricey though for a brow pencil, considering there are cheaper options such as the Nyx brow and eye pencil (I bought this online for around $7) and the Maybelline master shape series, which I think are around $18 RRP (I got mine half price though, during Christmas sale season 2012-2013). However I like to tell myself its a good investment at $34 RRP. Hopefully it is (review, anybody?).
Okay! So this post took me a good half an hour on the train, and I’m getting off in two or three minutes.  What good timing by me! So I think I’m going to leave it here. Thanks heaps for reading!