Cyber abuse.

So this is really a quick post because I would like to sleep soon, but really, it’s just been on my mind for the couple days and while the issue has not been resolved, I might as well post about it.

Basically on the weekend, something online happened on the realm of, which if anyone doesn’t know, is a social networking website where people can send anonymous (or not, your choice) questions to an user with an account. Generally, this site is not used for cyber bulling and the like. They might be tame questions, such as ‘what did you do today?’ or ‘top 5 things you want right now’. However, it’s easy to see that this site could take quite a nasty turn with its anonymous features, which is exactly what it did during the past weekend.

Basically, we have a partnered boys school – let’s call them ‘Boy School’, or BS for short (it was unintended, I promise!) Basically, the premise was that Boy A who attends BS in my grade got sent anonymous questions which were basically hate about my group of friends and I, without any provocation from my friends or myself, probably to stir up some reaction within Boy A. Of course, this is exactly what happened. Basically, the questions asked were along the lines of ‘let’s create a list of the girls that we hate the most from (Girl School).’ and then this list was then created, which had very graphic and vulgar language directed at my friends and I. Being the type of person I am, I don’t like to take these things sitting down so I also sent Boy A a question on his, choosing not to be anonymous (otherwise, of course, one of two things could happen: one would be called a ‘keyboard warrior’, or to ‘pop up on fb’/’inbox’.). My relationship with Boy A was that he was very annoying a few years ago, where he would constantly harass and annoy me on Facebook. I decided nope, I wasn’t going to deal with this, and then promptly blocked him from my friends list. Last year, while going through my Facebook settings I came across the people I had blocked, and then unblocked him, because hey, it’s been 3 years, I really don’t have a grudge against you, so why not.

Seems like this opinion was one sided. He apparently hates me for it.

After having to take my friends and I being called names such as (and this is direct quoting!)  ‘stuck up cunt’s, ‘sluts’, ‘the ugly fuck’, and also a reason given as to why this anonymous hated one of my friends – (and this girl is so sweet, and really I do not see why anyone from BS would hate on her) ‘idk why I just hate her’, I was not taking it anymore. I messaged Boy A off anonymous, asking what I ever did to him. He replied saying ‘you blocked me for three years lol’. I said, ‘thats because you were harassing me 2/3 years ago, of course I would do something that.’ He said it was just a joke, to not take things so seriously, and I replied with ‘so you think harassing me even when I told you to stop was a joke? And also calling my friends names is a joke?’ he replies with ‘I apologised to them? Whatevs soz youre obv mad for what I did.’ There was no apology, or anything of the sort.

This goes on for a while.

After he looks like a douche for an hour or so, continually calling people bad names and pretending like its nothing serious, and pretty much acting like the king of the world, he get’s (excuse the bad language) shit on, and he posts an ‘apology’. Online. Not directed at anyone.

About ten minutes after that, Boy A deactivates his account.

The next day on Sunday, he reactivates, deletes his apology statement, and then proceeds to answer questions with responses such as ‘haha i’m back, couldnt live without ask fm’. He also pretends that it was someone else on his account, even though he messaged someone the night before from another boy school asking if it was him, on Boy A’s own Facebook account. Sure it wasn’t you. Sure.

So this goes on for a while, so me and a friend (let’s say Girl A) decide to take it to our school and our deputy principal. Of course, now we are getting slandered by students from BS, who are friends with Boy A, telling us to calm down, we were being too harsh on him, he only meant it as a joke, etc. Really didn’t seem like a joke to me.

So you know, I get sent some hate as well on my own (due to me not being anonymous) which I’m completely fine with, except that the context of the questions is what really gets my blood boiling. Being told that it was a joke. Sure, of course it was a joke! I’m totally going to take you calling my friends ‘fuckheads’ and ‘sluts’ as a joke.

So today, we took it to our deputy, so I’m guessing Boy A and his friends will be in for some fun tomorrow.

Of course the story doesn’t end there! This is really the part that I wanted to rant about, although of course you’d have to understand what happened before hand, so hence the 800 word description of what happened above.

There is a girl, let’s say her name is Girl C. She is in my friend ‘group’, and once the hate started happening and got pretty bad during the weekend, I was messaging her on Facebook. I told her we were considering taking it to the deputy (the only person I told and it just had to be her, huh.) and she says that you know, she supports our decision and she would go with us as well, but she ‘doesn’t want to make it a party’ (at the deputy principals office). So you know, I’m like yeah thats ok, completely fine.

But then the real problem starts from here: behind our backs today at school, she told all our other friends that we were ‘taking it too far’ by bringing it as a problem to the school. Now some of my other friends also share that opinion. I am fine with that, and I can even see where they’re coming from. Boy A could potentially get suspended. That’s fine. But to lie, and to just say that so she has something to talk about, is what makes me angry. I told girl C what was roughly going at the time because hey, I had no idea she would turn out to use it to have something to gossip about. I was dead wrong. Over the weekend, she goes and tells boy A’s friends that we might be taking it to the principal (me and Girl A, who I went to the deputy’s office with, had wanted to keep it as hush and not spread the word), and then today at school she also decides to pull a 180 and pretend that she didn’t want the matter to blow up. Which is the problem. Because after school, we were catching the train home and she decides to tell all of the people from my school and also students from BS who catch the train from that station, and of course they’re all hanging onto her every word, because this was some new interesting drama that they hadn’t know about.

Can I reiterate – girl A and I wanted to keep this quiet as possible.

Due to her telling almost everyone under the sun, even people who weren’t involved, she managed to blow up the situation, make her seem like the good girl (once again, by saying things like ‘I tried to stop them from going, I don’t think they needed to go that far), stomped on Girl A’s and also my own reputation (of course, now we seem like the bad ones and the ‘bitches’ for taking it to the school) and also make Girl A cry (who was sitting close by on the train, but not with Girl C while she was telling her heroic story. She had to listen to Girl C say bad things about her etc. I’m sure you can imagine.). But of course that’s ok! Because now everyone knows her as the little mine of information while being on the ‘good’ side, and she’s gotten the attention that she wants.

I have class with her tomorrow and I don’t know how to face her. Honestly, more than the anon and everything else, she has made me the most angry and infuriated. I’m almost hoping I have enough self restraint to not snap and start screaming at her and maybe even doing something physical.

Sorry for the lengthy, dark, and probably full of errors post. I left out a lot of things, but if I did include everything, it probably would’ve been well over 2k words or something. But thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far! Really appreciate it.



Woops! So this was supposed to be posted on Monday but it never did…. oh well, better late than never.

So plenty of things to write about, since school started up again and it’s been a couple of days.

– I know I said I started Divergent, and I did, but it’s probably going to go on break until perhaps this weekend or something. I’m about halfway finished the book, and probably could’ve finished it on Saturday, but I feel like it’s almost a waste to read a book so quickly just for the sake of finishing it. So I took a break, and then school, and then oh my goodness all kinds of things. So I’m taking a small break! Although so far, I do find that nothing is really happening yet – what I saw in the movie trailer still hasn’t happened in the book yet, and I’m already almost half way through! But I guess I’ll just see what happens.

On Saturday, I went back to work at a tutoring centre, where I sat at the back of a year 6 classroom and marked their homework. And honestly, I’m so frustrated, because I don’t understand how some people can either a) hate their job so much, or b) get hired with their people/children skills. Basically, the teacher for the 6th grade class was really, really rude, in all senses of the word, and I would just hate to have him as my own teacher, putting that lightly! If a student talked, he would instantly tell them to shut up. Which I might understand if they were being rowdy and talking about irrelevant topics, but during the class two students were simply helping each other do their work – he told them to “shut up and do their own work”, and if they continued talking, he would move and separate the two. Seriously, who says that? Not to mention one timid, female student asked the teacher for help, and he basically said (paraphrased) “I don’t know, how do you do it? Why don’t you think about it yourself.” Why would you say that to your own student? As a teacher, are you not supposed to help your students? Honestly, some people…


Anyway, Saturday night was pretty damn eventful – I found out my results for the JLPT, which I took last year on December 1st (wow, it’s already been two months…). If anyone doesn’t know, JLPT is basically an internationally recognised Japanese test, and there are five levels ranging from N5 (the easiest) to N1 (crazy, crazy hard!). Passing the test is often required if you want to get a high ranking job such as a doctor in Japan and you’re from another country. Of course, you can also take the test to assess where you’re at with your learning, which is what I did. I took the N4 level, and I honestly thought that I might not pass when I took the test, but can you imagine my shock when I checked on Saturday night and passed? I literally fell off my chair and was just laughing out loud to myself (true LOL-ing and ROFL) in awe, happiness, and a whole bunch of other things – haven’t felt that way in a long, long time. I’m contemplating doing N3, but the skill level gap between N4 and N3 is pretty big, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to pass and study efficiently for it, especially with school… but maybe! Because I definitely won’t be able to do it next year with my HSC and all, so I’m currently thinking about it.

But anyway, my results for N4:

74/120 for Language knowledge

55/60 for listening

129/180 total score

Vocabulary – A

Grammar – A

Reading – B

Honestly, I’m quite surprised because I would’ve thought that I get an A for reading while I got a B for grammar, and possibly vocab. But hey, I’m not complaining!


Anyway, that happiness was kind of short lived, as after that I was transferring photos from my camera to my computer and when I took out the connecting cable, my camera kind of… broke? Whenever I try turn on the camera, the lens will open and then retract, but then the screen will show ‘Lens Error. Camera will now restart.’ and something else along the lines of ‘Automatic shutdown’ (my memory’s a bit hazy, forgive me) which is really, really annoying because this is the second time this has happened – the first time, we got it professionally repaired and paid for it as well. Since we got it fixed, we’ve used it once not even for two hours while my parents went up to the Blue Mountains on a short day trip, and now it’s already broken again. If anyone knows any fixes for this, please please let me know! I have a canon powershot g15.  I don’t want to have to pay to get it fixed again, especially when we just did…

Anyway, Sunday rolled around, and we went out to the Twilight Parade in the city! If you don’t know what it is, Google is your best friend. Nah, I joke – Twilight Parade is basically this Lunar New Year Parade that takes place every year for a couple of hours at night. (For more information, go here:  Honestly, I wasn’t too keen for it, but it was alright I guess, got to go out for a bit and walk around the city (my hood man, my hood!) although we didn’t get a good view of the parade because we cam pretty late. But well, I went pretty early last year, and honestly from the little snippets I could see yesterday, the parade looked pretty similar. So, I guess I didn’t miss out on too much there…
Selfie from Sunday.

So back to school today – I had Japanese, a free, Italian, and then double maths – funny because I have the same subjects tomorrow, but only one period of maths instead of two! I tried to do work during my free, but well… that didn’t really work out. But I guess it doesn’t really matter, considering it’s only the beginning of year 11 anyway – it’s not like I have anything to study for really, just kind of trying to act all senior-like! I guess.


Yay, that’s all for the last couple of days! Thanks heaps for reading! ^_^


So I’m writing this on the train to tutoring (today we start learning probability, how fun) because it’s a forty minute trip and I really don’t want to sit on this train which currently doesn’t have any seats available, or air con to get my mind off the incredible heat. I am literally roasting alive standing up and sweating my butt off.
So anyway, today was the first day back at school! And honestly my biggest peeve of today was the fact that I didn’t use any of my books at all, even though I had to suffer lugging them around. Because of tutor today, I also have three hours between the time school finishes and when tutor starts, so I decided to go return my overdue library books at a library near school, so basically I had way too many things to carry today and I barely used any of them.  Shall we list them out for fun?
– two folders for all my books (because one wasn’t enough to fit them all! Preposterous!)
– 4 exercise books for school subject (only wrote in one today for Italian)
– 2 exercise books for tutor
– a textbook and an accompanying cd box to return to the library
– a textbook gotten from school today
Man I am so glad I didn’t have maths today, because then that would mean an extra two (thick) textbooks to carry around. Instead, I only had to carry all of the above! Yay! Also glad I didn’t bring my laptop, because then that’s an extra 1.5 kilos or so. 
But moving onto the content (if you can even call it that) we ‘covered’ at school today, for every single lesson we basically just sat down and talked about the syllabus outcomes for each subject and what we would be doing throughout this year and the next. Which, while useful, gets boring very quickly if you have to sit through four hours of it.
Thankfully once school got let out, I could go to the city and just kind of bum around and relax. But right before that, I had a good old laugh to myself about being a senior at the bus stop…
Which might sound weird, but hear me out. At our school, seniors are treated with such high respect it’s not even funny. We get so many senior privileges and can get away with so many things. I’m probably going to make a more elaborate post on this next week, when we officially get our senior privileges, but for now, to try and make it easier for anyone to imagine, our school has a stop for school buses and then a public bus stop for well… the public. Students are generally not allowed to go to the public bus stop, as we have ‘excellent’ school buses for students. The only reason why you’re supposed to catch public buses is if you’re going city, or basically if you have a good enough reason (urgent doctors appointment, work, etc). So prefects often check the public bus stops for any students who might be catching it without a ‘valid’ reason and send them back to the school bus lines.  And well, it might seem like a trivial thing, but I probably felt way too happy when I was completely skipped over when waiting at public and all the wee lil juniors were being checked.  Although then again, I knew the prefect… but I guess I looked responsible enough on my own to not be doing such a thing? Hehe. Although it probably sounds crazy, not to mention lame, to anyone (everyone) else, it’s a big deal for me okay!
Oh yeah, after school today I went into David Jones to finally buy a brow pencil I’ve been meaning to buy since last year, but didn’t ever get around to it considering the only David Jones that’s somewhat close to me has a Shu Uemera stand. I tried looking at some other suburbs, but unless I’m blind I don’t think I saw any.  But yeah! I’m super excited to start using it – it’s the Shu Uemera Hard Formula brow pencil, and it’s pretty damn cool. It has a slanted end, which means that you have to get a special sharpener (or a scalpel, I know my sister gets her boyfriend to sharpen hers) or you can go back to David Jones for a free sharpening! Pretty handy. And although that does sound kind of inconvenient, it’s not really because you only have to sharpen it once every few months because of the way it’s shaped.  And it lasts ages – my sisters had hers for about a year and she’s only sharpened it around three times, and there’s still heaps of product left.  So I’m so excited to try it! It is kind of pricey though for a brow pencil, considering there are cheaper options such as the Nyx brow and eye pencil (I bought this online for around $7) and the Maybelline master shape series, which I think are around $18 RRP (I got mine half price though, during Christmas sale season 2012-2013). However I like to tell myself its a good investment at $34 RRP. Hopefully it is (review, anybody?).
Okay! So this post took me a good half an hour on the train, and I’m getting off in two or three minutes.  What good timing by me! So I think I’m going to leave it here. Thanks heaps for reading!

‘The Eye of Minds’ by James Dashner

Hey guys! So yesterday (well today, considering it was 2am anyway) I finished The Eye of Minds by James Dashner, and in a previous post I did say I wanted to write a little review, or really more my thoughts about the book. Although I’m itching to read Divergent, I figured that I should probably write about it while it’s still fresh (somewhat) in my mind, before starting on Divergent and possibly getting the two worlds muddled up in my head. So without further ado! I’m going to split it into little parts to make it easier on just about everyone, including me, to read.


Character Development

I found that barely any character had any background. Michael, the main protagonist, had barely any background information, apart from the fact that he came from a wealthy family, had parents which were (very conveniently, may I add) never around, because they were ‘constantly travelling’. Now if you’ve read the book, you might disagree with this last statement (ooh, I wonder why to those who haven’t read it yet) – but either way, I still found it shifty and it just seemed lacking. Also, what about Michael’s school? He goes to school a grand total of two times, from memory. [mini spoilers here, but they’re really in like the first 50 pages of the book] The first time he is taken by the VNS, and the second time, it was (once again, very conveniently) a Friday, (although the actual day was never mentioned, nor were the previous 4 days of the week) as the next day Michael went off to spend the weekend in the VirtNet.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be emotionally invested into the characters, especially the main, for obvious reasons. But putting Michael aside, it seemed like Dashner went quite round about with the side characters as well, such as Bryson and Sarah. You barely know anything about them, they’re just ‘Michael’s best friends who he has never met’, but they’ve apparently been through thick and thin together, known each other for years, and are even better than his parents, as said by Michael himself. While I have absolutely nothing against internet friends, as I have a few myself, and it’s great to have them, because I can talk to them about anything and they don’t judge me. However, I feel like if a government organisation comes and kidnaps you, should your parents, or at least your nanny Helga, be your first choice to tell? You just got kidnapped, for gods sake.

But really, there’s only a handful of characters in this game that really come to mind and are actually important – Michael, Bryson, Sarah, Kaine, and perhaps Gunner Skale. Characters such as Ronika and Agent Weber really aren’t too important, although they could be of more importance (well at least, Agent Weber) in future books of the series. But really, there’s only four or five major characters, and after reading the book, I don’t feel like I know more than the bare minimum about them. Of course, this is linked to my next point about plot.


Whilst I enjoyed the book, looking back on it I feel like there were some points that could have been left out, and some other points that were definitely lacking. I got kind of bored around the middle, during the little arc of Devils of Destruction, and before that, when they were trying to enter the game, their fight dragged on for way too long, and I had no idea what was going on really. I didn’t care too much for Ryker and Stonewall, nor about the 2022 War of Greenland. After that came the Path, which was way too long for my liking, and had too many stages which I eventually got bored of, although the description of each stage was very intricate. So basically, it was long and drawn out kind of plot, but still mostly entertaining at the same time. 

(once again, slight spoilers here) Oh, and one little point I’d like to make. Bryson, Sarah and Michael are teenagers, at most. Seriously, why on earth did the VNS think they were the most ideal candidates? (If you ignore one obvious factor once you have completed the book). And really, how easy was it to just get them to say yes? Granted, VNS didn’t give Michael much of a choice, threatening his family and what not. But Bryson and Sarah? It was just too easy for the three of them to agree, in my opinion.


Linked to the plot were the plot twists, which I found mostly enjoyable and not cliche, especially the last few. The only plot twist that I found wasn’t very satisfactory was the one (slight spoilers here, but I won’t go too indepth) about Gunner Skale, and albeit all the  hype in the beginning about him and how he was some legendary, amazing, ground breaking player, he definitely didn’t live up to the hype. I can understand how Skale might have gone a bit loony after disappearing for several years onto the Path, but it seemed like, as with several other factors in this book, he was just put there for convenience, so that not too many irrelevant characters would have to be made. Why didn’t Skale just suicide, be Lifted up? Why would he choose to become some woodland hippie? This just goes right back to the character development, really. (spoilers end here)
So even though it seemed like all I’ve done was nitpick at this novel, they’re really just kind of the small things which are easy to overlook. I found the book enjoyable, as I love immersing myself in the world of a sci-fi novel, especially one which is similar to SAO (Sword Art Online – a very popular Japanese anime which I recommend people to watch!). While looking this up, I found a new sci-fi novel called Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline which seems similar in terms of virtual reality, which will be on my to read list after Divergent. But going back to The Eye of Minds, I would still recommend this to anyone who likes sci-fi novels, especially relating to virtual reality and gaming (things I absolutely love). 
So if I had to give it a rating, it would probably be a 7/10! Just because I love the theme and idea of the book, and definitely can’t wait until The Rule of Thoughts comes out, because man, that ending…
Anyway, thanks for reading, even though it was a bit of a text heavy post! I’m off to read Divergent

So four hours on, I just finished The Eye of Minds, and wow. I honestly… maybe because it’s 1:40, but I don’t know what to think I definitely think this book warrants something more ‘in depth’, I suppose, when it comes to talking about it. I don’t think I would call it a review because a) god knows how long it’s been since I’ve written one, and besides b) I don’t even think I have enough qualifications to write one, really.
So probably tomorrow a little post ‘discussing’ The Eye of Minds will go up! That is, unless I’m too busy reading Divergent, anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Also, as a small little note: I have no idea how I’m even getting followers on this, but thank you anyway! It really does make my day when I hear the quirky little sound from my iPad letting me know WordPress has given me a notification!

Last 3 days or so

Haven’t posted in I think it was 3 days or so,  but there’s nothing really to write about, I suppose.



– had work, got let off half an hour early. But it was still fun, it was Australia Day and one of my managers bought tattoos which had Australian flags and stuff all over them, and we had heaps of fun giving our other manager on shift tattoos on the back of his neck, arm, and face – we tried giving him a moustache, but the tattoos only ended up working on the outer corners of where a moustache would be, which meant he had some funny spots on his face. If I can find a photo, I will definitely upload it for future reference.

After that, went to my uncle and aunts place to have dinner before they go on a cruise/travel for (I think) 2 weeks, kind of like a ‘Chinese New Year’ dinner, that kind of thing. Watched the Australian Open Men’s Final at their place as well, and can I just say, a little part of me died inside when Nadal didn’t win because of his back injury 😦 Stupid Wawrinka – was never really a fan of him, to be honest.


Monday (aka yesterday)

Wow, oh my goodness. Two of my friends had a birthday party, which was a night BBQ at one of their houses. It was supposed to run 2-8pm, but ended up going till like 10, and honestly all I can remember from that was the fact that I chose something to wear I seriously regret because I did not realise how low it was. Seriously. ugh. Feel so sorry for everyone there, my goodness. But it was fun and all – I got to scream and yell heaps because we played Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl – and got to stare in disbelief as my save was overridden when I put my disc into their Wii. My 100%… my trophies… my characters… Lucario… sigh.

But oh well, it was quite fun – we had an ‘Amazing Race’, which was basically us running around the massive park just down the road, which was way too much exercise for me, especially considering I hadn’t done basically any in weeks. 

And then it comes to today!

Basically lazed around the house, it being my second last day of the holidays. For heaps of people around Sydney, it’s their last, but our school has only year sevens, peer support leaders, and year 12 go back on the first day, and because I wasn’t selected, guess I’m going back on Thursday! Which is completely fine with me.

My books I ordered also came in today, titles being:

The Eye of Minds, by James Dashner

Divergent, by Veronica Roth

and also, by far definitely the best book, Cambridge Mathematics 3 Unit Year 12 Enhanced Version.

Just kidding about the last one, I only bought it because I need it for tutor and don’t have my own personal hard copy.

But I’m excited to read the first two! They’re growing in popularity quite rapidly, so I thought I’d give it a try. Honestly, I haven’t read books in a while, even though I used to be so obsessed with it. So I’m stopping with the (possibly) illegal pdf downloading of books! Back to my roots with a good old hard copy, which is personally still what I like the best. Might even give a quick (heh. I say quick, but I bet it’ll turn out to be a super long post anyway) review of them when I’m finished – I started The Eye of Minds about an hour or so ago, and so far so good! I have to say.

So that’s it really! Here’s a couple of photos from yesterday, and I’m off again to read! 



Two shots with each of the birthday girls – completely made my day. Both of them are the funniest and I’m so glad to have known each of them for as long as I have.


Look like a bit of a sleaze in the above photo, just ignore that please! (Also my dress, my dress, oh my god, too many regrets)


Hurray! Photos without my horrible cleavage in them. These two are amazing girls, so funny and I can honestly talk about anything to them (don’t know how they cope with me, really). Didn’t know which photo I liked better, so I included both! Why not.




The eyebrow game really is strong in all these photos HAHA. But that’s ok. I tried. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! 🙂 



Bit of a naive post, but my skin is getting pretty and recently. I’m thankful that I don’t have bad acne, but my skin is getting considerably more and more oily, although perhaps I have no one other than myself to. lame for eating so many fried foods like chips over the holidays, and the horrible sleeping patterns (day before last I slept at almost 6am!). Not only that, but mosquitoes seem to love my blood, so I’m constantly getting bites all over my arms, legs and face that just won’t stop itching. I’ve gotten a pretty bad bite just below my left eyebrow and above my eye, and while the actual bite is small, it’s made my eyelid swell up a bit so my eyelid crease is a bit funny at the moment. And then, of course, there’s the couple of other small bites over my face which are a blaring red and stand out horribly. Which sucks, because although I sound so so so materialistic and self conscious right now (which I am, but that’s probably a long post for later when I’m feeling blue) I have a birthday party/BBQ on Monday, which I do want to look good for. Although then again, what’s so bad about wanting to look your best? I guess. But anyway! It’s 1:40am and here I am complaining about my sleeping habits while blogging about it. Not to mention I have work tomorrow, which means more oil on my face from sweating and running around, without having the time to wipe it off! Hurray. I need to find a new job. But then again, we just got staff discounts…. hm.

Happy Australia Day to anyone who’s in Australia like me, by the way! 🙂 May your inner bogans unleash themselves for a fun (?) day of drinking, and putting a shrimp on the ‘barbie’, etcetera!