So four hours on, I just finished The Eye of Minds, and wow. I honestly… maybe because it’s 1:40, but I don’t know what to think I definitely think this book warrants something more ‘in depth’, I suppose, when it comes to talking about it. I don’t think I would call it a review because a) god knows how long it’s been since I’ve written one, and besides b) I don’t even think I have enough qualifications to write one, really.
So probably tomorrow a little post ‘discussing’ The Eye of Minds will go up! That is, unless I’m too busy reading Divergent, anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Also, as a small little note: I have no idea how I’m even getting followers on this, but thank you anyway! It really does make my day when I hear the quirky little sound from my iPad letting me know WordPress has given me a notification!


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