Think I got obsessed by Miley today…


Just kidding, just kidding. I think I got obsessed by a ‘typical’ 16 year old white girl…
Okay really, just kidding. Mucking around with makeup today when I went out to lunch, came home, tied up my hair in a high pony, liked it, starting taking selfies. Today was my last holiday class for maths tutoring, and is it weird that only on the last lesson, when we didn’t get any homework, I find myself wanting do to maths? Curse you, brain… Then again, I have plenty more I want to revise before starting school again (eek, there’s only a week left!)


I find myself liking this look more and more, as I’ve actually never had much to play around with in terms of eyeshadow. I’ve never really attempted at doing my own, and then stepping out of the house, so I’m super pleased with how this kind of casual look turned out! Looking forward for my sister to come back from Canada so she can bring back all the makeup goodies I plan on asking her to buy for me.


Thanks for reading!


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