I use brackets a lot.

Hello again! It’s been well over six months since my last post, and I’ve decided to dig up this old (if you can even call this old) blog and use it to document my ‘journey’ as I go into the last two years of senior schooling before I face the HSC. I think keeping a blog is a very good idea, as it gives you a private (although then again, this is the internet) place to organise your thoughts. I’ve always loved twitter for that, but it’s quickly becoming overcrowded with people from school, and with a 140 character limit, I feel anything I post that seems malicious to anyone will circulate back around in the gossip/rumor mill – I know this is true because admittedly, I contribute to that myself.

But ignoring all that, and going back to the point of this post, I do want a place to just kind of word vomit (in the most civil way I can manage) and also to keep a track on myself. If anyone finds my blog interesting, that’s great! I am more than happy to bring amusement to others if they find me funny or the like, while being my ‘true’ self which I find very hard to do as I very rarely open up to people (something I can definitely see myself posting about in the future). But while making the decision to reuse this blog, I’ve decided that it won’t be used for the purpose to get heaps of viewers, followers, then start posting videos and then end up really big on YouTube and go crazy with my 15 minutes of fame (although I am definitely, definitely not targeting anyone here!!), but rather to post for myself. As I said, however, any readers are highly welcome! They’re also more than welcome to tell me to sit down if I end up going too crazy and obsessed with blogging for anyone other than myself.

Hopefully, I will use this blog as motivation to finish off the things that I aim to do and write about. One such thing is getting back into writing and polishing up my rusty, almost non existent skills, which will hopefully be handy for English this year. Although it’s slightly embarrassing to admit, I think I’ll be going back to my roots and writing fanfiction – not because I’m some crazed fan girl who loves seeing too completely unrealistic people together in a relationship (although perhaps that’s partly the reason and I’m just not admitting it to myself), I also think that it’s.. almost easier to write fanfiction compared to writing a story from scratch. Simply because the characterisation is already there, and complete for you, along with things such as setting, backstory, etc. Unless, of course, you write AU in the case of fantasy (which is all I ever read, really) but the character development is still there and finished for you to build upon. Which is why I think I’ll be attempting to get back into writing by writing about one of my most favourite things in the world! A wonderful game that’s been there since I can remember – or really, since it’s release in 2002, Kingdom Hearts. Hopefully posting my goal out onto the internet will give me motivation to start soon, as the story is still in its early stages. I do want to start writing before I get back to school on the 30th however, as I know I’ll probably get too busy to start something new once the school year commences.

Phew! Its been a very long time since I’ve typed something so formal. If you follow my twitter (@daphshen, shameless self promotion right here!) I’m generally quite crude a person, and love to swear more often in a sentence, especially when angry, than not. I think that’s really it for now, I’ve almost written up a good page about my little life and the troubles I have at the age of 15. I think most of my posts won’t be as structured as this in the future, although I do love ranting about myself as if I’m so important. I kind of plan (although we’ll just have to see how it turns out, really) for my blog to be a mainly on the go kind of thing, posting from my mobile and iPad quick little bursts of text and photos (although photos from my phone are so horrible when it comes to quality, and god knows I’m a perfectionist and OCD about these things) compared to sitting down at my laptop (although I admit, I do this for many hours every day anyway…) and typing out a post, having to worry about structure etc when all I do is just let it all out. But we’ll see! Hopefully I won’t post twice and then not post for another six months as well…

Anyway, it’s pretty much 1:30, and I have to get up at 11am at the latest tomorrow to make it out for lunch with a friend then my last lesson of tutor (Kurt Mathematics, if anyone is interested) for the holidays! Super keen. And while 9.5 hours of sleep is plenty during the school term for me and probably all year round for anyone else, I really don’t think I can function unless I get 11-12 hours… sometimes I think I would be better off if I was born as a sloth or something. Regardless! I think there’s also a mosquito in my room, as I’m finding a bunch of bites on my arms and legs as I’m typing this. So I think I’ll take this as my cue to leave it at this for today. Thank you all for taking your time to read this, if anyone is!

I’ll leave you all with makeup looks I’ve been digging recently – one because I recently bought my first red lipstick for $8.48 at a 50% off sale at Chemist Warehouse – it’s called Fatal Red, one of Maybelline’s Colour Sensational lipsticks. Expensive, I know – curse you Australia! And the second photo is from tonight, just me mucking around with some eye shadows and a photo taken in very horrible lighting and capturing a very horrible face. All the icecream, chips and chilli noodles I’ve eaten in the holidays really shows in the skin, huh. (Also lack of foundation and appropriate filter to make skin look unnaturally flawless.)



Thanks again for taking your time to read this! I appreciate you, and you are beautiful. β™‘
Until next time!


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