cre8tiv haul!

So here’s some of the iteems that I bought yesterday from K-Mart, from the brand ‘cre8tiv’. I tried to find links on the K-Mart online stall, but they didn’t have it for some reason! Ifyou want these items, then it’s worth just popping down to your nearest K-Mart, or maybe even eBay. Putting that aside though, lets get on with the haul:


So one of the main things I bought was the scrapbooking kit, which was $16. There were three main designs: this black and white one, a pinky themed feminine/floral/vintage kind of one, and then a bright happy birthday one, using lots of color block (great for kids?).


Also bought some extra paper which kind of fit in with the B&W theme of the main kit, although when I went K-Mart was out of the sleeves to refill the actual scrapbook. I’ll definitely need to buy those soon, although I probably won’t need it for a while. These sheets were $6.image

This also included some paper and some really cute stickers, for $6. Pretty excited to use the stickers, as they’re so adorable!image

I thought this was a really cute idea – basically, you print out photos and snap them into the frame, making it look like a polaroid. So cute, and 10 of them for $3! Probably going to use plenty of these in the future.


Thought these would come in handy, whether it be for photos or just sticking anything up in general, not just scrapbooking items. Only for $3!


And the last from the cre8tiv haul was these cards and envelopes. It was either these string envelopes, or just plain envelopes without the string piece – so why not get it with string to make it look fancier? I thought I could just stick these in the scrapbook and use them to store things like receipts.
K-Mart/cre8tiv had so many embellishments for scrapbooking, and most of them were $3. I had to cut down on so many because I just couldnt decide! They had lace trim, bakers twine, some super colorful and cute bunting, plenty of stickers, etc etc. Basically the essentials to start scrapbooking! It was such a shame I couldn’t get more…


But anyway! Today I went to Daiso (a japanese equivalent of a dollar store, in Australia every single item in this massive hot dollar store is $2.80) and bought some cute origami paper and double sided tape to make my own washi tape! Washi tape is so expensive, so I thought why not make my own. One thing which I forgot to buy was tissue paper so I could draw my own designs… but that’s alright, considering that’s pretty easy to buy anyway!


Planning to hopefully make some really cute washi tape with these, and you can find a tutorial for making your own washi tape here, although I’ll be following some of the instructions from this tutorial as well. Super excited to finish all my assignments so I can start making the washi tape and scrapbooking.

Well that’s it for today! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂



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