Definitely digging these ideas: going to try these

So, still procrastinating, I was browsing craftgawker, one of my absolute favorite sites (along with pinterest and etsy) and came across these few ideas which I thought were so so awesome! Definitely digging these ideas:

Image from Sara’s Never-Never La-La Land, also has a great review here

SMASH is a great new way to scrapbook, from K&Company. They have a massive range of products, and all the items are so cute! This post here has a great review of products from SMASH and how she used it while travelling overseas. And of course, you can buy the SMASH products here from K&Company. Super, super cute! Item’s aren’t that expensive either, especially if you buy them from consumer crafts.


Next, this super cute but so easy to do idea from 23 Delight! Stitching paper was something I used to love doing as a kid, because you know in those days we had nothing else to play with really. I used to stitch pieces of tissue with a toothpick, and then thread string through it, although I never knotted the ends, so the thread came right out when I pulled it through. And after that happened, I would just get another piece of tissue and do it over and over again. Their whole blog is so adorable, you can check them out and the post here. Super cute!

These super cute book covers are from The Southern Institute, where they simply redid the covers of little composition books and journals. They have a super easy tutorial to follow on their site, and even the free template for the covers! Super innovative and makes any cheap book into something that looks super fancy. Check out the tutorial and their site here!


Definitely going to try these out! I’m looking into buying a few of the SMASH items, and stitching in some of the pages seems like a great idea to spice up any pages. Also I just thought the book covers were a great idea to dress up any book lying around at home, super handy!

I went shopping today, after finding out that Target’s online store had SMASH items. I was so excited to go out and buy some… and then it turns out the Target I went to didn’t have any! I was so disappointed, because the Target was massive – I could barely find any stationery, and the storespeople were incredibly unhelpful…

Luckily K-mart was on the floor below, and they had a whole section just for scrapbooking! Bought plenty of things, although sadly none of it was K&Company’s SMASH products. Going to make a haul post most likely tomorrow, including items that I still need to buy/regret not buying.

I also got a haircut today! Trimmed around 12cm off in length, so my hair sits just below my shoulders now. Feels great to have neat hair again (my hair was getting a bit too long for my liking). My hair grows super fast, I cut my hair into a really short bob last year around March and before I cut it it was already about 25cm past my shoulders. Not sure if it’s a bad or a good thing… Also cut myself some bangs to frame my face for when I tie up my hair (I have a round and pudgy face, tying up my hair makes my face look like a ball) but it doesn’t really show when my hairs out, so that’s good.

That’s it for today, I’ll have the haul post up tomorrow hopefully, although I’m back to school tomorrow and I’ll be home later than usual. Hopefully I get that post up though! Thanks so much for reading 🙂



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