I think I suffer from chronic procrastination (if that was a legitimate sickness). I know I have work, and I know I have to get it done, but the long weekend is almost over and I’ve barely done a thing. Instead, I just spent the last hour or two finding craft ideas that I’m planning to do later on today. Here’s a few of my favorites:

home town map

From the wonderful Curiously Wrought on Etsy, she creates these cute little pieces illustrating a special area. It could mark a hometown, the place someone went to on their honeymoon, etc. She creates them custom made, and you can check out her facebook here.

egg 1

secret !egg 3egg 2

Next is this cute and simple craft idea from PoppyTalk! Definitely going to try this next time. Check out the full post from them here.

sheet hearts Woven-paper-ball-ornament

Definitely going to try these two out. On the left, we have a wall decor of hearts made out of sheet music. Simple and easy to do, and you can find the tutorial here. Last year, I printed out so much sheet music only to find my piano was out of tune, so I have at least 30 pages of sheet music just lying around. Definitely eager to try it!

Last but not least, this really cute garland of paper balls is something I’m eager to try out. It’s simple and easy to do, and I can’t wait to put it up and decorate my own walls, especially the wall I decorated at the beginning of last year, which looks something like this. [taken from my own instagram, daphneshenn. Feel free to follow me! 😉 ]Although now it’s been a while, this wall has been cluttered with a lot more sheets, including the work that I have due soon! Eeek!

Well I think that’s most of it for today, thanks for sticking around for my first ‘real’ post! Blogging again has definitely become somewhere to relieve stress and procrastinate even more (woops).

Thanks for sticking around and reading! Hopefully you find me somewhat interesting.



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