Spring Cleaning

A few hours later on, with even more procrastination I decided to clean up my wall a bit. Before this, I had photos, pieces of paper, around 20 post it notes littered all over my wall, on top of each other, and it was really just a mess. So I got rid of most of the photos I (now) don’t like, got rid of all the extra notes from school and all the sticky notes, leaving me with about one row worth of photos and drawings.


The triangle garland was something super simple, and you can find a quick tutorial here. Super easy to do, and I didn’t have any scrap fabric around, so I just made do by plaiting three pieces of yarn together. Cut out around 12 triangles of two colours (I used a green and a cream colored cardboard) and I simply stapled them into the plait! Easy peasy, done in around 15-20 minutes.

I was going to hang it up on an empty wall, but realised that it looked odd on a completely empty wall, and the proportions were also odd. Considering I could fit it onto the top row, for now I guess I’ll leave it as it is for now. Perhaps I’ll put it on it’s own third row in the future, any ideas about it would be appreciated!

Okay, second last thing for this blog post. When I was cleaning up my wall, I realised that I never actually do spring cleaning. Granted, right now it’s winter in Sydney, but I think I prefer just cleaning a little bit at a time. This could apply to so many things as well. Do you prefer doing thing in one massive go, like a massive spring cleanup? Or smaller, more steady amounts at a time, so the workload decreases at a steady rate?

And one final last thing, my first little rant session on my blog! I think today I wont need to swear, and instead just send out sarcastic hate.

Reflecting photos. Reflected photos on the horizontal. Reflected photos on the vertical. Whatever it is, don’t do it – especially if it’s just mirrored! I don’t care as much if it’s two seperate photos, put together like a collage. My current facebook display picture is like that – but when its the same photo, then that’s just too much. This trend seems to have blown up like crazy recently. When people first started doing it, I was all ‘Aw, thats such a cute way to edit photos!‘ But now every display picture is simply a mirror of themselves. We don’t need two of you. Just one is enough. Especially if you’re someone I don’t like, or it’s a not very attractive photo! (Heavy skin exposure is not nice at all. Or private part exposure.) So girls, and although I haven’t seen any, guys, please stop reflecting your own picture. This trend is quite stupid, and  you definitely won’t see me take part of it, or like any of your photos if its mirrored for that matter. Isn’t one enough?

Three posts in one day! Honestly, whenever I get excited about something then I abuse it like crazy. But thanks for taking the time to read my post on my little, insignificant problems and whining!



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